See Musicals Together by Coach

There is an age-old but ongoing controversy surrounding Arts funding which roughly equates to a battle between those who wish to maintain a high cultural level of quality in the arts, and those who see that as an unequal subsidy skewed towards the wealthy. Maybe I would be able to pose another point of view in favour of a high level but egalitarian attitude to culture. This would entail supporting culture for all, but a culture than uplifts and inspires. It’s not quite enough just to entertain, to pass the time. Going wider than the arts, the biggest shows that ordinary people go out to see in their masses would include football matches, and football is OK.  Anything that gets people out of the homes and into a crowd where a common simultaneous experience can be shared. Putting aside cultural norms  for one moment,  It’s all about being part of the crowd and common experience. Watching a live music performance is another example. Why do people go to gigs, when you could just stay at home and play the albums? Why go to see a musical theatre show, when you could stay at home and watch a DVD or Blu Ray or a hologram. Well to my mind a big part of the answer must be the desire or need to be a part of that shared experience. It makes the emotional story so much more colourful when it’s amplified through hundreds of fellow people enjoying roughly the same ups and downs at almost the same time. So we need that joint pleasure, and we go to the theatre with our friends and loved ones, or with a large crowd of total strangers, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is to have the emotions engaged, we seem to need that. To get the best quality experience you want to see a top quality show, which usually, but by no means always, means coming to London and subsequently staying overnight in or very near the capital. Travelling on a train is to be an individual against the crowd but on a coach you are part of the party, it comes together into one contingent moving down the motorways together. So what I’m trying to say is that the very reasons for going on theatre breaks are also reasons to do it by coach as well, and turn the shared experience from just a couple of hours into a full two or three day one.

Top Tunes for the Theatre Breaks Dinner Dance Disco!

If you love musicals and going on theatre breaks with hotel and travel included you might

Breaks by Coach

Theatre Breaks by Coach

be tempted by one of the two or three day coach breaks with a dinner and dance after the show. They are actually really popular, but if you’re anything like you me you may be just a little bit apprehensive about the type of music and vibe they might be putting out on the disco floor. It is just a standard all ages disco type thing of the sort you might find at a holiday camp or a wedding? Or will it be specially tailored for people who like a good musical show, despite the wide range of styles currently on offer with everything from 1940s Hollywood to light operetta, to seventies glam rock and so on and so on? The answer I’m sure is a bit of both, so we’ve composed the following list of the top ten tunes for dancing at the theatre breaks dinner dance disco.

10) At number ten, asking “can you come out tonight with your red dress on?” Go on, you know you want to..  it’s Sherry Baby  – from The Jersey Boys.  The hard thing here is to find three other people good enough to do the formation dance routine with you as the Four Seasons.

9) Dancing Queen by Abba – Just think of the outtakes shown at the end of the film version of Mamma Mia and how much fun they were obviously having. In fact you;re likely to encounter a whole lot more in the way of vintage Abba songs at your theatre breaks disco.

8)  Stamp your feet and bang the tables to We Will Rock You, well known rock anthem and  title song from the Queen musical

7) Jumping Jack Flash – The Rolling Stones. Another rocker

6) Grease is the Word

5) Stayin’ Alive from Saturday Night Fever

4) Getting near the end you need to be told how much you’ve enjoyed yourself so sing along with “I’ve Had The Time Of My Life” from Dirty Dancing

3)  For Michael Jackson fans to moonwalk to it’s Billie Jean from Thriller.

2) You Should Be Dancing – The BeeGees

1) YMCA Village People


London Theatre Dine & Dance 2 days – by Coach

London Theatre Dine & Dance 3 days – by Coach